Germany-based SOLO Skateboard Magazine recently caught up with HUF team rider Tyler Bledsoe to talk about his recent transition to HUF Footwear and Quasi Skateboards, a recent Fourstar trip, and his passion for Youtube.

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[Photo: Thomas Gentsch]

Since his great Mindfield part and the Transworld Hallelujah part one year later, there wasn’t much footage of Tyler Bledsoe. He was injured for a long time, his board sponsor went down and there were rumors in internet forums, that his career is done. But now he’s back, with new board and shoe sponsors and without glasses. We met him at the Fourstar tour in Germany.

How did the change to Huf happen, since you just had a shoe on Etnies a year ago?

It just happened, perfect timing everything fell into place, Kevin Terpening really made it happen for me, I owe him big time. I wanted to be a part of Huf and Terps let them know and it went from there.

After the Workshop went down, new companies arised from the ashes. Mother, with Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson and you, is one of them. Now Mother had to change it’s name into “Quasi” due to corporate issues. How bummed were guys actually?

Not that bummed to tell you the truth, Mother was a cool name but shit happens and Quasi came along very easy and natural and grew on us fast. A name shouldn’t be everything. We want you to just look at our stuff and know its from us just from the feel of it and not have to have a certain logo or name just to identify it.

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