Trajectory HUF

In the early 90's a dozen companies, armed with very little money, a lot of hard work and a refusal to fail, rose from the ashes of the recession to become the established brands you know today. Now, in the greatest economic hardship our planet has seen since The Great Depression, it seems history is repeating itself. Trajectory can be described as the curve or path of a projectile moving through air or space. When starting a brand one can only hope that that trajectory is up. This new section on The Berrics has as its sole purpose to introduce to you people who had the courage to throw caution in the wind and not be afraid to have it blow back and hit them square in the teeth. There's no one better I could think of to start this new series out than Keith Hufnagel and his brand HUF. Enjoy. -- sb

Watch the part 2 at the and look out for part 3 soon.