Here's a recap from the Melbourne stop of the HUF X MC Australian For Tour, as told by HUF team manager Tyler Cichy. Click here for the entire Tour Diary post on the Monster Children site.


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As told by HUF Team Manager Tyler Cichy:

Planning events months in advance can make predicting the weather a little tricky! Luckily for the HUF team the hottest day of the year was our demo day. In an attempt to cool off we headed for a cheeky dip at Half Moon Bay. After the signing we were off to Prahran. Grill master Mapstone could have left his propane at home with the heat near cooking temperatures. Working up our hard earned thirst, the crew finished up and headed to the vert ramp where Tas Pappas graced us with a memorable demo of his own. After a few snags we were still hungry for “the 9.” Tas threw out a few inspiring attempts and stoked out the crew.

On our way out we saw a middle-aged “skater girl” finishing a two liter of strawberry milk and figured we’d call it a night.
Off to a good start and a cooler day we hit the museum for warm ups. After making our way through downtown we decided to BBQ. In terms of keeping your deposit, bringing a ping pong table into the apartment is not the smartest idea but it’s certainly the funnest. What seemed like a disaster waiting to happen worked out just fine.

The following evening this was not the case. Few beers can loosen up sore legs on a session but it usually doesn’t stop there. The post session spirits we high.We were lucky enough to capture multiple manual tricks on 16mm before going bankrupt. In plans to celebrate an eventful day we headed to a local pub for half-priced drinks only to discover it was “twerk night.” After too many whiskey-ginger beers the crew started to slim down. It was our last night in Melbourne and half the crew was sick of watching men in short shorts doing Miley Cyrus impressions.

Now I won’t mention any names but like any other morning I went to check on the crew to make sure we would be on schedule for our flight. Still delighted that the ping pong table night didn’t get out of hand I walked upstairs thinking we managed to keep our deposit. Not the case this time. I thought to myself what swank f#*k would do this? I won’t get into the details but I’ll say this.

$2000 later, nobody was hurt, but there were holes in the walls, and a girl managed to get home without her clothes and we are definitely not welcome back…