Brian Kelley (Photographer / 12ozprophet) recently did an interview with HUF for his blog Throw Up The Horns. Find out what he discovered while lurking HUF's Bay Area crib and what it was like skating in NYC back in the 90s.

When you were living in NYC, who was the typical crew you went out and skated with for the day?

I guess it depends on the day, we would meet at the banks. Get a decent crew together. Chris Keeffe, Mike Hernandez, Ryan Hickey, Keenan, Ben Liversedge, Gino so many people. We would skate downtown during the day and midtown during the night.

Today it seems like the typical meet up spot for anyone skating in NYC is either 12th and A or Tompkins Square Park, where was your usual meet up spot before going off for the day?

Back in the day it was the banks, then went to supreme, and then astor sometimes.

Coming back time to time and visiting NYC, have you noticed any changes in the city?

Its really just how much the city has cleaned up. It is crazy how many new building are up and how clean the streets are. I used to be scared skating the streets at times. It was really rough especially in the 80's.

I hear people always talking about how gnarly the bowery used to be, now its like the hot spot.

Yeah thats what happens in cities, people need cheaper rent and places to expand to.

What was the sketchiest area when you were growing up?

In my area it was LES, people were always trying to steal your shit.

Read the full interview by Brian Kelley at Throw Up The Horns.