Monster Children recently caught up with HUF team rider Kevin Terpening, to discuss growing up in Ohio as part of their new Roots feature. Check out a preview below, and click here to read the full interview. Photos by Joseph Charlton.


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MC: Where are you from?

Kevin Terpening: Norwalk/Canton, Ohio.

What’s the best thing about coming from a small town?

You never ever get jammed up, ever. And friendly people, usually.

And the worst?

Fewer places to skate and fewer people to skate with.

What meal does Ohio do best?

Applebees? People eat like shit in Ohio, haha. The south is known for it’s famous chili, though.

Now that you’re out in LA, what makes you homesick?

I’d have to say mostly my family. They all live in Norwalk, OH still. Other than that, I’d say the air and how green everything is.

Best place to get a drink?

If you’re down south in Cincy, you could hit The Comet. It’s a mellow bar with cool music and decent mexican food. In Cleveland, there’s a skate bar called Now That’s Class. They have live bands and some ramps inside.