Quartersnacks has been an established advocate of handsome socialite skateboarders for quite some time, as evidenced by our constant coverage of Dylan Reider, and other, less prominent, but still notable personalities. We recently spent some time to conversing with the second most handsome skateboarder, who has taken up extended (but temporary) residence in the distraction capital of the world these past few years. Aside from the obvious nightlife beef issues, we discuss important details like being billed second next to his competition, dealing with distractions, and being known as “Alex Olson the skater” to people who don’t exactly skateboard.

To get the pressing question on everyone’s mind out of the way, can you please explain your nightlife beef with Dylan Reider?

That’s Bill [Strobeck] running his mouth. There was never “nightlife beef.” There was one night where we went out — I remember the night — this guy will walk up to the place and there will be three girls, that’ll definitely be like “Hey Dylan! What’s going on? How are you?” And I’ll be standing right next to him, like “Oh. What’s up.”

Why have you been spending so much time in New York these past few years?

All my friends that I grew up with went to college out here. I actually do like skateboarding out here more than in LA. I like pushing, I don’t like driving. There are more things to do. The quality of life is better for a younger person.

Was your blog a damage control measure after your Fully Flared intro made you look really mean?

Damage control?

To tell people that’s you’re actually a nice, approachable dude.

No, for some reason, I get a bad rap. People think I’m an asshole.

Yeah, I think it’s because of that intro.

I know I’m moody, shy and don’t always say “Hi” to people. But sometimes I just don’t say “Hi” because I don’t know if they remember me or not. It was way worse when I was younger, I’ve gotten better with it. I’m quiet, and people don’t know how to judge quietness so they fill it in with their own perception of who you are.

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