Mouthing Off: Elijah Berle

What’s it like winning Tampa Am?

It was pretty weird because I never even qualify in contests. They said the top three and I didn’t even think I was gonna place. Then they called my name and handed me a big old surfboard. I still don’t believe it. You kinda just go out there and you get all nervous because there’s hundreds of people there and you get all shaky legged and you try to think of a funny little line to do and then it just happens and you think, “what the hell just happened?”

Did you have any expectations of winning when you got there?

Hell no [laughs]. I actually was supposed to skate on Saturday but I changed it to Friday because I was like, “There’s no way I’m going to qualify, so we should all skate on Friday so we can street skate on the weekend.” Then I ended up hurting my ankle, so I didn’t want to skate on Friday, so I skated on Saturday and hung out all day.

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