Check out HUF rider ">Matt Gottwig in this new TWS Video Checkout.

Matt Gottwig
Age: 23
Home: Agoura Hills, California
Sponsors: Think (flow), HUF Footwear, 35th North, Diamond Supply Co., Skate Sauce

New Year’s resolution: Skate more.
Movie you’d recommend: DTC 3 and Skateballs.
Next skate trip: San Francisco.
Best video of 2012: Business As Usual by Think.
Newest music in your iPod: Zune.
Favorite skatepark: Yauger Skatepark in Olympia, Washington.
Am who should be pro: Jordan Sanchez, Josh Matthews, and Justin Guillen.
Video part that gets you hyped to skate: Casey Heath and Peter Starrs.

Gottwig and I oftentimes have these really long philosophical conversations in which I explain to him in great detail the true meaning of life. He’ll sit there for a while in deep concentration, you know, like rubbing his chin a little and squinting up at the sky, and he’ll draw in a deep breath and say, “Wait…whaaaaaaat?”—Keith Hufnagel

Video by Martin Reigel