North Skateboard Magazine recently caught up with Lance Dawes to discuss his history with SLAP Magazine, skateboarding, photography and the HUF x SLAP Collaboration.
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Who is harder to shoot? Skateboarders or A-list movie stars?

Skateboard photographers are the greatest photographers in the world- whether they know it or not. I guarantee 90 percent of the photogs in the world would not be able to shoot skating. A-listers don’t get hurt or chased by cops to have their photos taken.

How did the Huf x Slap collaboration come about?

I had nothing to do with that. I think Keith wanted to do something with Slap, and got in touch with High Speed Productions, with Tony Vitello, and they worked out a deal. They told me they were going to do something, but I had no idea what they were doing until I saw it on Instagram like everybody else. Haha! But me and Keith are doing something that comes out soon; I have a couple photos on t-shirts. They just had a big party for the Slap/Huf thing last Thursday in New York and they included me with a bunch of photos. I guess people equate me with Slap, but Slap's not just me. We've gotta mention Mark Whiteley and Joe Brook. Those guys were the second wave of Slap and they did as much, if not more, than I did. I'm thankful to Keith that they involved me in the party with Slap, but Slap was a whole bunch of us. I would never take credit alone for Slap- It was a lot of people.

Are you going to do a book? Either of your own work, or some Big Brother-style 'best of' the mag? Or, I dunno, a novel. Just any kind of book.

A Best of Slap book could be rad, but that’s out of my hands. I’m working on a project now that will be tons of my outtakes and never-before-seen photos. I have it narrowed down to 2,000 images so I still have a ways to go in the editing stage. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s done.

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