Thrasher Magazine recently caught up with HUF team rider Kevin Terpening and discussed the impact of surfing on his skating, what gets him pumped to skate, and working with Martin Reigel during the filming of his new HUF Classic part.

Checkout a preview below and click here to read the entire interview.

Photos by Jared Sherbert.


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What do you do to escape the dark depths of skateboarding?

You mean like when you’re trying tricks, battling, not landing shit and losing your mind? Well, I try to leave that at the spot but that’s kind of impossible sometimes. Going home to the dog, the girlfriend and some beers can definitely set me straight for the night. But really, the only thing that gets me out of that is landing tricks and doin’ it. Putting all four wheels on the ground. That’s really the only thing that will get me out of that bummer feeling where you just feel like you’re blowing it, even though you’re trying. When you land shit you forget about the dark times. But yeah, we fuck around, go to the beach, surf. That’ll help sometimes.

Do you feel like surfing has helped your skating?

I watch a lot of surf shit. I don’t know anything they’re doing but watching people with sick style is sick. Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds—they have sick style though I don’t really know what they’re doing, per say, but I can relate to their movements so I feel like it’s pretty cool to watch. It’s just like skating. It’s not like the skate world, but it has the same vibe. Gets me psyched to skate sometimes.

What else gets you psyched to skate?

Having something to work on gets me psyched because we’re working towards something. It doesn’t matter what it is: a commercial, a video part, whatever. I think just finding new spots and skating whatever we have at the moment, going for it and trying to film everything and not be too picky keeps me stoked. Just being in LA and skating with my friends. Getting shit in LA makes me want to get more. I don’t feel like I have to go somewhere to get shit.