Check out Keith Hufnagel's new interview on the SkateMore site. In this interview Keith talks about moving from SF to NYC in 1992, EMB locals, the DC Euro Super Tour in 1998 as well as the recent HUF X Thrasher Stoops Euro Tour. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here for the full interview on Skate More Spots site.

[caption id="attachment_11958" align="aligncenter" width="750"]Present Day // Fun Skate Tour 1993 Present Day // Fun Skate Tour 1993[/caption]

What’s your favorite OG SF skate spot and why?

Brown Marble was my favorite. The ground, the ledges, the gaps, how tight the spot was. It was pretty perfect for me.

You’ve ollied some ridiculously long gaps; is there one flat gap that stands out? (eg gap to lip slide in Barcelona)

Man, way too many write. That one in Barcelona is one of my favorites actually. I was stoked to make that one.

If you could resurrect one 90s skate brand, what would it be?


Best 90s SF rider of all time? (Transplant or local)

Mike Carroll was always my favorite.

Best NYC rider of all time?

Keenan Milton RIP.

What inspired you to open the first HUF boutique?

I wanted to do something beyond skateboarding. I was skating everyday and just needed something that I could focus on outside of skateboarding when I wasn’t pushing around. From all my travels I saw something that was missing in SF, like a boutique-type skate shop, and decided to go for it. So in 2002 HUF was born as a brand and retail shop.

Have you always considered yourself to be an entrepreneur? Any other failed attempts before HUF?

I have never done anything besides skateboard and start HUF actually—haven’t really had time for much else, haha. I work my ass off for it and now I am an entrepreneur, I guess!

Did you always intend to start a HUF label eventually?

I always wanted to do something in terms of starting up a brand, but never knew my path till I actually got there. The way HUF came about and has developed has been pretty organic. It really just started as a shop, and then we started making tees, and once those sold we made hats to go with the tees, and before we knew it we were working on a full-blown clothing line. Now we have HUF Footwear, which was always in the back of my mind, but really just came about once the timing was right.

The Tenderloin is sketch as fuck, any good stories of trying to run a business there?

It was actually pretty mellow in the end, but there were definitely some highlights. The biggest thing was crackheads trying to break in at night. The cops caught some dudes with crowbars opening the door, so since then I have learned how to crackhead-proof a door. One time a rat crawled up into the toilet bowl when an employee was taking a shit, haha. That was a pretty good one.