Check out this new interview with Keith Hufnagel on the FTC Book blog. In this interview Keith discusses early FTC days, starting the first HUF store in SF, James Kelch in his prime, and Bammer Beth. Click here for the entire interview, and be sure to pick up a copy of the new FTC Book.

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When did you first start going to SF to skate? Why SF btw?

I started going to Sf in 1991 and moved to SF in 1992 to go to college. SF was the closest thing to NYC for me . Also at this time SF was the capital of skateboarding with Emb in its prime. I was chasing the skateboard dream

How long would you say you lived in SF?

At that time I lived there for 4 years. In the end I lived in SF for a total of 16 years

Was FTC at all part of why you wanted to move here?

It was not the reason I moved there but I did enjoy it while I lived there

Had you heard of FTC before you came?

Yes I did see it in a Thrasher or something. I ended up visiting the store that was on Bush and Franklin in 1991

Best/worst/weirdest/funniest FTC-related story?

Bammer Beth!!!!!

Care to elaborate about that?

I would like to keep it just as that. Kind of an inside joke if that is OK. Too much sex shit.

Were you one of the dudes with a constant big tab in Kent’s book, or not?

I think I was pretty responsible and never really had a tab. I did have a small one but not one of those guys

What kind of look do you have on these years? Did they at all shape your current mentality in skateboarding?

Damn I can’t really remember. I think I was just in my normal gear. Nothing weird or crazy at that time

When you look back on the “FTC years” what’s the most vivid memory you got?

I remember filming for the video. It was one of my first video parts and was stoked to be apart of a video with the FTC/EMB crew

How did you become part of the team?

I have no idea. Must have just been from hanging in that crowd Or Aaron Meza