Skateboarder Magazine recently released an extended interview with HUF team rider ">Joey Pepper. Check out a preview below, and click here for the full article.

Do you remember trying to fight Rob Welsh, then you both fighting a bunch of frat boys?
Ha ha, I was just on tour with Rob and we were actually talking about that the other day. That whole night was kind of crazy. He claims I took a crazy swing at him, and I guess I probably did, but the way the story goes is we were at some frat party and the cops came. While everyone scrambled, we stole a brand-new keg and dragged it down the fire escape and rolled it down the hill over to my place, which was four blocks away. Then whatever happened kind of spilled over to my place. My roommate, Sean Keenan, was home and there was a party going on upstairs, so the upstairs neighbors got some kind of noise complaint. So when the cops came, they thought the party was downstairs and tried to go through the window. When the cop tried to come through the window, Sean got up and kicked the cop in the chest and out the window. After that, the cops came in with their guns drawn on Sean and he was, like, “Yo, what the fuck? You’re crawling through my window! What do you expect me to do?” Shortly after that, all I remember was me and Rob got in some argument and I took a crazy swing at him. While I was swinging at him, these other dudes started cheering for one of us, and at some point during our fight we decided to turn and fight these other dudes because they were cheering for one of us. I don’t really know the rest of it, but we ended up fighting these other dudes instead of each other. And, you know, that was like every night back then, some shit like that going on every single night. It was just a big fucking blur.