KCDC recently caught up with HUF team rider Joey Pepper, and discussed Joey's Chevy Nova, theoretical fights with Rob Welsh and the design process of the Pepper Pro. Check out a preview below, and click here for the entire interview.

[caption id="attachment_12133" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]JOEY PEPPER // BACKSIDE SMITH JOEY PEPPER // BACKSIDE SMITH[/caption]

We hear you’re good with wood, do you prefer soft or hardwood?

Hard. Crazy hard.

What made you start woodworking and what’s your favorite piece you’ve done?

I just kind of fell into it. I don’t have any favorite pieces really. I’m far from a master of this craft but I enjoy making anything that challenges me. I guess my favorite piece is anything I don’t fuck up too bad.

Tell us about your sick green Chevy—did you buy it or build it? Do you have a photo of it we can share on the site?

I bought it as is from a guy in Iowa. Flew out and drive er home. It’s a 1964 Chevy Nova II with 27,000 original miles.

We move a lot of Pepper pros at the shop; do you have any say in the design process or colorways?

Yes. I designed the shoe with a little help on the technical side from the designers at Huf. I hope you like em. I do.