Jenkem Magazine recently caught up with Bronze 56K's co-founder, Peter Sidlauskas, to discuss Kazaa, Faces Of Death, Briana Banks, mIRC, Windows95 and more. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here for the full feature on Jenkem.

[caption id="attachment_15535" align="alignright" width="900"]A very rare photo of Peter Sidlauskas, Bronze’s co-founder A very rare photo of Peter Sidlauskas, Bronze’s co-founder[/caption]

Bronze originally started as a skateboard hardware company, but it wasn’t their products that people cared about. It was the 20 minute Bronze video that surfaced over the internet in 2012 entitled ***56K*** (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [BRONZE HARDWARE EXCLUSIVE] [VERY RARE] that caught the imagination of skateboarders everywhere. With the brand’s popularity, they’ve since branched out, making skateboards and clothing, all in the same sarcastic, lofi style, dedicated to early internet and cable. While there are hundreds of new skateboard clips coming out every single day, none of them give you that magical feeling that Bronze does.

Bronze has had a huge impact in skateboarding since it started. What advice do you have for upcoming videographers that want to capture the attention and imagination of skateboarders & the skateboard industry?
Just make a skate video you and your crew would want to watch. The skate industry doesn’t know what it likes. When I made the first Bronze video I was really over skateboarding at the time and didn’t really find anything in the industry that motivated me so I just wanted to make something that was insanely braindead that me and my friends would enjoy. Had no idea it would make anyone feel some type of way. But if really you want attention, come to NYC, film skating on cars and trucks and all that shit, people will be like, “OMG, yes!” Maybe get a trick on black hubba too.

Growing up, what movies and videos had the biggest impact on you?
Skate video wise, Photosynthesis. I use to watch that 50 times a day. Even before I started skating I would watch it. I just bought the original orange VHS tape off Ebay for $47. Couldn’t pass that up! E.S.T 2.0 was a big one as well. Mosaic, Jump Off a Building, Bootleg 3000 are up there. Suppers Ready by the Green Apple Skateshop had a real big impact on me. That was the first video where I saw dudes who had 30 seconds of footy but skated to 2 songs, and all the parts just transitioned so well into each other.

Non-skating videos, late 90′s basketball was a big part of my life growing up. Infomercials at three in the morning. Videos from the first file sharing programs, like downloading Faces of Death on Kazaa, or things that were labeled **BANNED IN USA, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC***. Yeah, those things had a big impact…..kinda fucked me up though.

What were some of the first porn videos you downloaded or sites you went on back in the early 00s?
I would just open my e-mail and have a whole spam folder of shit I’d click on. I remember the first porn video I watched had an uncircumcised dick in it and I was like, holy shit! What the fuck is that! Is my dick supposed to look like that? Is there something wrong with my dick? Downloading porn on Kazaa was a gamble. Today, with sites like you get to see like 10 pictures of the video before downloading. With Kazaa, there was no preview, you had to trust the title. “Hot Big Ass Brunette Sucks and Fucks! 18+” and your just like, yeah…that sounds good… and you download it and it’s like, “You call that ass?”

Back in the day, how many times do you think you jerked it to internet porn in one day?
At least 6.. Maybe 12 times..

During the Kazaa / Napster era, a lot of the same porn vids were circulating around, because it was all relatively new, so everyone was getting off to a lot of the same clips. For instance I had the Pam & Tommy tape and a bunch of Brianna Banks clips that I’m sure everyone else had too.
Never saw the Pam tape, I only jerked off to rare untouched porn. I found my own porn. I was like the Bobby Puleo of porn.

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