HUF Am Jake Anderson was recently interviewed for Monster Children's 50th issue. Check out his introduction below:

"There are lots of things you can do with a skateboard. You can sit on your butt and ride one down a driveway. You can eat a meal on one, or pop up a curb. You can hoist one onto a long, tall railing, stand up and grind into the sunset. Some up-and-comers use them to get as technical as a murder trial. Other homies keep it simple, unburdened by the throes of modern mega-ramp ergonomics, and stick strictly to the golden oldies: the kickflip, the 50-50, the tried-and-true backside boardslide. The question with skateboarding has never been 'Can I do this?' but rather 'Should I?' Jake has been sponsored by Skate Mental for nearly six months now, and was recently picked up by Huf, which is sure to be the beginning of something special. Why? Natural talent, sure, but more so the fact that he's a man of taste. Under the pro-skater tutelage of his older brother, Mike, and friends, Jake had already learned the difference between 'tight' and 'corny' at a very young age—and it shows. Keep your eyes peeled for his clip in the Welcome to Huf vid; in the meantime, chill out with all that no-comply, 'flippity-doo-da-to-manual' shit."

To read the full interview, pick up a copy of Monster Children's 50th issue HERE.