"The HUF Dirtbag Crew, with the help of Poler camping gear, recently barged Los Angeles and its surrounding areas in an around-the-clock search and seizure of skateable terrain. The crew of ">Josh Matthews, ">Brad Cromer, ">Dan Plunkett, ">Johan Stuckey, ">Matt Gottwig, and ">Keith Hufnagel started in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree park in the sandy ditches, and slowly migrated West to coastal territory. The final test of the crew’s urban stealth was Downtown L.A. See how it all unfolded in this edit by Transworld Skateboarding, and be sure to check out the full article in their June 2012 issue."

“You search out spots, you cut locks, you do stuff where you’re always trespassing to some degree when you’re skateboarding. You’re always breaking rules. I think it’s just the nature of it. But with camping—unlike skating—nobody is going to press charges. That seems like a waste of time. They’ll just be like, ‘Yo, get the f—k out of here.’ And then we’d be like, ‘Okay, give me five minutes to pack my shit up.’ Those Poler tents pack up so quick that I can have that thing packed in a minute and just be out.”—Keith Hufnagel