Here’s a recap from the Sydney stop of the HUF X MC Australian For Tour, as told by HUF team manager Tyler Cichy. Click here for the entire Tour Diary post on the Monster Children site.


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To follow up the Melbourne madness, it was time for a day off in Sydney. With Austyn and Dylan’s Monster Children Instagram takeover in mind, we headed over to the Vaucluse cliff jump.

After a half dozen tourist-filled boats passed, Austyn saw his last opportunity to give our fellow visitors something to remember. Nothing like full frontal male exposure to get your day started. Unfortunately, the photo was remove. But the Monster Children Instagram remains strong.

The following day we took our morning swim over at Gordon’s Bay. Josh Matthews was awarded a $100 prize for swimming across the bay and back in under 20 minutes. After warming up at Waterloo skate park, we attempted to skate the handrails at “Suicide Towers.” With birds continuously chirping and a man screaming at us, we were off. We visited a newer spot with angled concrete blocks. No matter how far away water is from the spot you’re skating somebody’s board always seems to make it in. We managed to fish Dylan’s board out of the dirtiest water we had seen in Sydney.

The next day was our in-store signing at STM followed by a rainy demo at Waterloo Park. Regardless of the rain, tricks were landed and the kids were stoked! We met a couple of Kiwis who flew out for the events and said it was “the best rain demo yet.” We had an all-day adventure at a newer wooden ledge spot where the crew battled ledge lines and slippery ground.Typically on skate trips the last day is the hardest day. We lost our best one to skate downtown due to the rain so we were able to rest up a little.

Unfortunately, Dylan came down with the flu but still came out to support the crew. Regardless of being too sick to smoke cigarettes he managed to pull of a few last-minute tricks.
The day was a success as it ended in Sydney’s Martin Place. With local lurkers cheering him on Sammy, battled a last-minute trick. Sydney was amazing even with the poor weather for a few days! The crew headed for a last-night dinner over at the Shakespeare Hotel and was a wrap!

- HUF Team Manager, Tyler Cichy // Photos by Brian Kelley