Tokyo-based clothing company, Challenger, sees one connection behind many of the street-cultures that influence street-wear and fashion today: the American garage. As the brand explains, “the American garage was where all of our favorite artists originally hung out: from loud motors, to punk-rock music, to graffiti-writing skateboarders, the forefathers of these sub-cultures 'came up first' out of this underground garage scene, and created identities that went on to inspire the street-wear brands we see today.” In honor of this connection, HUF has teamed up with Challenger in a collaboration series of tees, snapbacks and skateboards, to encapsulate both Japanese street-wear fashion and the American garage pastime. This collection pays homage, through the anagram "CUF," to the inspirational artists who 'came up first' out of the American garage scene in order to inspire the street-cultures we value today.

The entire HUF x Challenger collection is now available for purchase through our webstore.