Check out HUF UK rider Tom Day's new interview on the SLAP Skateboard Magazine site. In this interview Tom discusses growing up in Lincolnshire, filming for the recent Heroin Skateboards video, Ed Templeton's part in Welcome to Hell as well as Tom Waits' role in The Fisher King. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here for the full article on the SLAP Skateboard Magazine site

[caption id="attachment_11988" align="aligncenter" width="653"]HUF UK Rider Tom Day // Nose Bonk HUF UK Rider Tom Day // Nose Bonk[/caption]

How old are you and where are you from?

I'm 22 and I'm from a small village in Lincolnshire called Heckington, but I have been living in Manchester the last few years.

Where the hell is that?

I guess Lincolnshire is considered the east midland of England. It’s mainly an agricultural area used for farming, not really known for an abundance of spots. Think it's the only county in the UK that doesn't have a single motorway. It's rad though—has a really strong skate scene.

Growing up, whose video parts did you watch the most?

The first video I got was Welcome to Hell, Templeton's part in that is still one of my favorites. BA, Maldonado, Donny Barley. I got Everything's Going to be Alright (an old Heroin video) shortly after that, and rinsed Chris Pulman’s part. Pulman is the best. Was always really into Black Label videos as well.

How young were you where you first tried Heroin (boards)?

Would have been about 12 or so I think. It was always an interesting Christmas/birthday list my mum would have to read. Heroin Tape Worm wheels, Nosebleed bearings.

What got you stoked on the company?

I was always stoked on the videos they put out. It always felt like the people on the team all enjoyed skating together and were having the best time. It felt like they never took skating that serious. And then the decks always looked sick. I was always going to buy a deck with zombies and mutants all over it.

Are you hooked-up by anyone else?

I've recently started getting HUF shoes through Out of Step Distribution, which I'm really stoked on. And NOTE skate shop in Manchester hook me up with everything else, as well as a job.

How long have you been working at the shop?

For little over a year.

Does it burn you out on skating, being around it on the retail level?

Doesn't really burn me out on skating that much. That’s the best part. However, the consumerism of humans is the bit that really gets to me. Selling the same logoed t-shirt all week because it been in the latest music video. People are sheep. It's grim facing that for 9 and a half hours, so it’s easier when you're just gripping boards.