HUF Quality Footwear is proud to introduce ">Josh Matthews to the team. Check out Josh's debut video and interview below. Shot & cut by Martin Reigel. Enjoy!

HUF Quality Footwear is proud to introduce Josh Matthews to the team.
Interview by Steve "Scuba" Chalme.

So, you have two video parts coming out right now, your part in Think's new video "Business As Usual," and this ">Introduction to HUF Footwear part. How long did you spend working on this HUF part?
I think a total of about 3 months with me going back and forth to LA, and Marty (HUF Filmer) coming up to SF.

How did filming this part for HUF differ from other projects you've worked on?
It didn't really, it's just about getting out and going skating.

Is your part in the new Think video your first part in a real video?
It is.

First time I heard about you was from Silas (Baxter-Neal), I figured you were just another hippie like he is. Turns out I was right. Did you grow up skating with Silas?
Haha. Yeah, Eugene's a small town.

So how did riding for HUF Footwear come about?
My good man Hayden over at HUF called me the day we heard és was going on an "artistic hiatus" and things just felt right.

Keith (Hufnagel) can be a bit intimidating/awkward at first; have you had a breakthrough with him yet?
We have had a few good drunk moments, but I'm really waiting for that big breakthrough, haha.

HUF has been around for quite some time now and seems to be getting a solid footwear team together.  They are getting some awesome dudes.  Any new riders gonna get on soon?
I'm sure there's plans for adding some people, but I just don't know who. I have faith they'll be sick though. Good decisions get made over here.

Who's your favorite HUF flow rider? You have to pick between ">Matt Gottwig and ">Johan Stuckey?
">Pat Moran.

Seems like there's a pretty solid crew working for HUF as well. Who is your favorite warehouse employee over at the HUF warehouse?
That's a tough one, they are all pretty sick.

Does the HUF warehouse crew and the Strange Bird (Think Distributor) warehouse crew have beef?
Nah. Strangebird crew loves everybody. You skate we skate.

So this is a full-length part you have dropping with Think. Would you say most of your part was filmed without the use of a car?  Also I don't think you made it out of California on this one, what's the deal?
Think has a good skate van that we use most of the time… And I think there was a Nevada trick somewhere in there, right?

Since you ride for Think, do you have to ride for Hubba Wheels as well?
No, haha. But I wouldn't mind getting a Hubba ad.

How was spending all that van time with the Hubba chicks?  Didn’t they go on tour with you?
Yeah, I drove to a trade show with one once. Pretty awkward considering Z Man was in the car.

You seem to understand Dan Z (photographer), why can’t anyone else?
Haha, that's a mystery that might not ever be solved.

What's up with The Fishbowl (Strange Bird van) by the way?
Best team van yet.

Tell me about the time you fell asleep in a bus on tour, what got put in your mouth?

How has Think changed since leaving Street Corner?
The artistic direction has been switched over to a new person and a positive wave for Think is happening.

Do you miss Tony Vittello being your boss?
Yeah I do miss talking to him more regularly. He's a rad dude.

Tell me about Justin (Think filmer). Didn’t you grow up with him?
Yeah, he's a Eugenian as well. We've been doing the filming thing together for almost 10 years now and moved down to SF together about 5 years ago. I'm stoked we got to work on the Think video together even after all this time.

Justin has done a really good job on all the new video projects Think is putting out. Have you had a say in all of that stuff?
Well I live with him, so most things get run by me for a second opinion… whether it's taken seriously or not is out of my hands, haha, but at least it gets in there.

You live in the mission up in SF, what is your favorite spot to get a burrito?
El Metate is the best cause its unique, but Taqueria Cancun holds down the classic mission burrito.

Why did you burn your house down?
Shit had to go.

Let's talk a little more about HUF… You were recently on a camping trip with the HUF team, how did that go? I heard you were urban camping?
It was really sick. We camped at Joshua Tree National Park out in the desert, which was a first for me, and then did some urban camping at skate spots which was pretty sick.

Who on the team adapted best to the camping lifestyle?
Coulthard (photographer) held it down!

So, you have these two parts coming out right now, what’s the next project you're gonna work on?
Not really sure, just film and put it to something when the right time comes about.

What’s the deal with going pro?  Is that something Think has spoken to you about?
Only time will tell.

What is your favorite destination you have traveled to so far?

Do you ride for HUF to get free weed socks?
It's definitely a good perk.

If you were given a signature HUF weed sock, what color would it be?

Tell me something most people don’t know about concrete.
Concrete never stops getting harder man.

What’s dropping 10-11-12?
Wait and seeeee!

What are your sponsors and who do you give thanks to?  Don’t say Jah.  
HUF, Think, Spitfire, Venture, and Lucky. Thanks.