HUF Holiday 2011 Collection - Here's a look at our recently released HUF Holiday 2011 Collection. This delivery includes a limited edition collaboration with legendary New York graffiti artist HAZE, which includes three t-shirts, a snapback hat, and skateboard deck all featuring original work by the artist. The HUF x HAZE collaboration pack, as well as the rest of our Holiday line, are now available through our online store.

New York City graffiti-artist Eric Haze made his debut on the streets of Manhattan in the early 1970’s, writing under the tag name ‘HAZE.’ Taking his efforts underground into the NYC subway scene soon after, HAZE quickly gained notoriety during the 1980s in the art and graffiti world through his trademark letter-forms and unique hand style. This distinct and inimitable style proved crucial to HAZE’s success in later years, as he opened his own design studio in 1986, becoming one of the first graffiti artists to authentically capture the street art and hip hop scenes through graphic design. After years of designing imagery and direction for some of hip hop and street art’s finest, HAZE turned to marketing himself, and in 1993 launched his own clothing and design line, which has come to be recognized as one of the original producers of street wear as we know it today.
Coming from a similar street-scene background through skateboarding, HUF-founder Keith Hufnagel has come together with HAZE in a collaboration that encapsulates HAZE’s very distinguishable graffiti lettering style with the clean aesthetic and design of HUF. As part of HUF's Holiday 2011 Collection, the HUF x HAZE collaboration features a series of three t-shirts, a snapback hat, and skateboard deck designed by HAZE. For more information on HAZE, visit

"Besides the fact that Keith [Hufnagel] is a friend and HUF is a cool brand that I respect, we both have similar backgrounds in terms of our experience and motivations. Skateboarding and graffiti share similar roots in underground and street level culture, and we have both created brands that are born out of the style and history that we developed over time. The opportunity to collaborate together on design and product is just another way to reinforce the passion we both share about these cultures, while also keeping an eye on what we feel is still current. At the end of the day, one of the main reasons I have always worked hard to maintain my independence as both an artist and a brand, is having the creative freedom to work with like-minded people like HUF who share essentially the same vision and values."

-Eric Haze