HUF releases the fourth installment of its HUF 10th Anniversary Photo Tee Series in collaboration with photographer Bryce Kanights. Born and raised in San Francisco, BK is a first generation street skater that has been immersed in skateboarding and photography for over thirty years. During the early 80s Bryce was hired at High Speed Productions, the publisher of the then upstart skateboarding publication: Thrasher Magazine. From the ground up, his diverse responsibilities and years of involvement with Thrasher helped to shape the foundation of modern-day skateboarding. Particularly, his photographic images and contributions as both a photojournalist and a professional skateboarder have had a profound effect upon generations of skateboarders and its subculture worldwide.

Throughout the years, BK’s backstory and photographic work has contributed to some of the most respected skateboarding-related companies, publications, events and projects worldwide. In his free time he continues to roll with his friends at illicit skate spots and empty backyard pools, and elude the law as a goofy footer.

The Bryce Kanights Photo Tee is now available at our HUF Online Store.