HUF releases the seventh installment of its HUF 10th Anniversary Photo Tee Series in collaboration with photographer Atiba Jefferson. Born in Colorado Springs, CO, Atiba began working with black-and-white photography while in high school, and soon merged his new passion with his love for skateboarding. He started submitting photos to Transworld Skateboarding Magazine shortly after, in turn receiving the invaluable advice and critique from then TWS photo editor J. Grant Brittain that would ultimately help shape and define his technique. He quickly earned himself a position as staff photographer at the magazine under the guidance of Brittain, enabling him to travel the world pursuing his passions of both skateboarding and photography. After several years at TWS, Atiba went on to found the well-respected The Skateboard Mag, accompanied by a few friends, and has since also become involved in the photography of professional basketball, motor sports, musicians, portraits, and more. He currently works and resides in Los Angeles.

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