I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE and HUF proudly present,
this rare and special journey with:

Thomas from:
(NYC, Map of Africa, DFA, Fabric, Eskimo, Whatever We Want)

+your boys:
deejays J.Montag & Eug

853 Valencia St, SF
9:30pm - 2am
$5 (limited capacity, get there earlier!)

i-D magazine:
"rub it, tug it, watch it grow. New York nightlife, as we all know, is in the doldrums. Giulliani shut the whole shop down. Light up a Lucky Strike and you'll find yourself at the wrong end of a 911 call. Fortuitously, nobody told Thomas Nicholas Allen Bullock and Eric Z Duncan. Their Rub n Tug moonlighting aliases are doing some heavy shift work in re-locating the vibe that shaped the city in the first place. Their parties are already the toast of the town. "They feel like a hot bath in a dark room. Volcanic." Howdy, boys. We're already feeling your flavour. "When I was about nine, my teacher asked me to bring in my record player and a couple of 45's so we could have a disco in the classroom. I played Another One Bites The Dust and The Bitch is Back. I got really into it and jumped about like crazy. It's surprising how little we change," says Thomas. Partial fans of the superclubbing experience their immediate surrounds have dictated a more back to basics approach. "Club life has died here, but in return heads have found their place in dive bars and lofts. In these joints it's even more lawless than before which is, of course, pleasant. It suits us and in turn we've developed a sound that suits it." The sound in question is a call to dancefloor arms. The boys aren't afraid of a cross-fader or indeed crossing genre. Old Italo house rarities shuffle shoulders against lean post-funk workouts. Electro Led Zep oddities are thrown down against acid rock. The glitterball has regained consciousness in their hands. In the grand Ming tradition, Rub n Tug are extending their delightful ventures in NYC nightlife to the mixing desk. First up, their banging rerub of !!!'s Hello? Is This Thing On? Next a mix CD that fuses their signature eclecticism to an unfettered understanding of what moves the ass. In the meanwhile, they'll continue to derange the nightlife that the world once looked to, until it does so all over again."