Mark your calendars now, This Friday October 22nd we welcome NY’s most infamous trouble makers Rub-N-Tug to FACE. This is the last FACE of 2010, and we can’t think of a better set of guests to have. ">Eric Duncan (stillgoing/C.O.M.B.I./aNYthing) and ">Thomas Bullock (Map of Africa/Way of the Ancients) have been steadily influencing modern day culture w/ their unique and impossibly addictive productions. Difficult to classify at times, but more than easy to get into… their fan base is large and garners praise from critics and straight up party people. With mixes for aNYthing and the FABRIC series, remix work on DFA, Strut, Eskimo, Mule etc, and on top of that their personal projects, these guys are THE powerhouse duo. Having taken a hiatus from SF for over 3 years now (as Rub-N-Tug), we’re really looking forward to this one... gonna be an amazing night. Early arrival is recommended, and we go to 4am in true Rub-N-Tug style...