HUF Am Dick Rizzo was recently interviewed for Speedway Mag. Check out a preview below, and click here for the full feature.

How does the scene in New Jersey differ to New York?

Dick: The scene in Northern New Jersey doesn’t feel as big as it was when I was younger. Or that’s how it feels in my area of Northern New Jersey at least. When I was younger we had Drop In Skatepark, which was basically the heart of our scene to me and my friends, but that place doesn’t exist anymore, sadly… There doesn’t seem to be much cool skateboard shit happening in Bergen County right now, it feels dry. New York obviously has a bigger scene but people come from all over to move to NYC, not New Jersey.

What is your opinion on the East Coast scene, especially New York, gaining a lot more recognition over the last couple of years?

Dick: It should be gaining more recognition, in this state of skateboarding I would say there are no rules anymore. It makes sense that companies don’t have to be primarily based in California, skateboarding is happening everywhere and you can see that at any time from your smart phone.