The Andy Kessler Foundation recently worked with Vans to put together the first ever Andy Kessler Day, held in honor of Andy Kessler, a major pioneer of skateboarding. The event was held this past Saturday at the House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY, and hosted a skate jam and live music performances. Thanks to the Andy Kessler Foundation and Vans for putting on the event, and congratulations to HUF footwear rider ">Dan Plunkett on his win at the event's bowl contest!

“Andy Kessler was the prime mover in New York skateboarding since its inception. Andy’s presence and heavy involvement covers three decades from the pre-urethane era on the Upper West Side up to the present day. From his beginnings on the footpaths of Central Park, pools in Riverdale and illicit ramps on city property, he has been a constant force for change by being an instigator of the Riverside skatepark, the Hudson River Bowl, and many other projects that the whole spectrum of New York City skaters have enjoyed. Skater, builder, agitator, positive influence and an upholder of tradition who refused to get stale; it’s safe to say that skateboarding in New York would have never become what it is without Andy.” -Andy Kessler Foundation