What Youth Magazine recently caught up with HUF team rider Kevin Terpening and discussed moving from Ohio to Los Angeles to pursue skateboarding at a young age, selling boards and shoes to get by, getting on HUF Footwear and the process of filming for his upcoming HUF video part. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here to read it in it's entirety. Photos by Micheal Cukr.


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So you went through éS, till it died and then you went on Gravis, till Gravis died?

I don’t even think I rode for Gravis for more than a year. I think they were already kind of on their way out by the time I was on ’cause we went on a few trips and I remember those dudes saying like, “Yeah this is mellow. Old Gravis trips we were like balling out.” Maybe they were spending too much money or something, I don’t know. I was on just long enough to have a welcome video part clip and then it was over.

How long was the downtime before you went on Huf?

It seriously was probably like a week or maybe a little longer between Gravis and Huf. I used to work at Huf before they were a shoe brand, when they were just a store. So I’ve known the owners — Keith [Hufnagel], obviously and his partner was this girl Anne, and she hired me to work at the Huf store.

Where was that, LA?

It was across the street from Supreme where the Odd Future store is now. So I worked for them and they were starting a shoe brand and they asked me to be the first dude on Huf. That was right when I was getting on éS and I couldn’t quit éS cause that would’ve been fucked up. I would’ve been such a dick. And I almost did. I even told Anne the chick, “Yeah I’m down,” and then I had to call Keith and be like, “Dude, I can’t do it.” And he totally understood. So it’s pretty funny, I could’ve been the first dude on Huf and then it was gonna be me and Mike Anderson actually. So we would’ve been the first two. But then I went onto éS and then Gravis and now I’m on Huf. But I will never regret staying on éS, it was a learning experience and rad trips dude. We went to so many places.

Do you have any Huf trips coming up?

We did the Asia one last year, then we did Europe before that, and then this year we’re doing the US. I guess there’s some crazy plans for it that are supposed to be really sick, but I don’t wanna jinx it.

They have to be if you’re doing the US.

Yeah, they’re trying to do a big tour bus. Remember those old tour video edits where they would have their van with all their ramps and they would set up in someone’s parking lot? It’s sick as fuck. That’s the idea of it. We’ll see.