Do you still talk or hang out with the friends that you used to hang out in New York?

K I do talk with a bunch of them. I try to keep in contact with most but some I do not know where they are anymore.

Who was your influencer in NYC at that time?

K I was a big natas and Gonz fan. When I was in NY growing up I would see Sheffey skating the streets. I always wanted to ollie like him.

Is there any rule to become a huf team rider?

K You have to be part of DBC to ride for HUF. DBC is a worldwide crew that everyone is allowed to be in because everyone is a dirtbag deep down inside.

HUF always have edgy graphic design…where is the source is coming from?

K We are all skaters here so we have a “fuck it” attitude here. We really just like having fun and enjoying what we do.
Hopefully we do not piss too many people off.

What is your favorite skate spot?

K Right now the Federal banks are my favorite in SF. Actually been for a long time.

What do you do after work?

K Drink Beer.

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