The Skateboard Story recently caught up with HUF staff photographer Brian Kelley and discussed his early intern days with Zoo York, traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, and how a random email to Keith Hufnagel lead to a long term photography position at HUF. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here to read the entire version.


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How did you end up at Huf?
In 2010, I randomly emailed Keith (Hufnagel). Told him I really wanted to shoot a look book for him. He trusted me, sent a bunch of clothing over and I ended up shooting my first look book ever. I was so nervous. That opportunity he gave me back then has had such an impact on my life. I’m still with Huf today, and still shooting look books, going on trips, special projects, and product photography sometimes. It’s been crazy honestly.

Crazy what one opportunity can turn into. What do your duties entail at Huf now?
I handle a majority of the photography, mostly lifestyle and skate, collaborating on ideas with Scott Tepper, who is the creative director over there. Photographing the look books and catalogs that you see on the site and at the tradeshows.

You also started a zine, Steady Mag with two of your friends. There’s no advertising in it, you guys pay out of your own pocket to create it?
For Steady, it’s me, Justin Hogan and Dan Zvereff. We fully produce the mag ourselves. If someone else were paying for it, they’d have a say in the content. So we just keep it to ourselves, concept ideas together, themes we think we’d all be into shooting.