GrindTV recently caught up with HUF photographer Brian Kelley to discuss his experience and inspiration as a photographer, as well as his recently produced HUF Summer 2013 Cinegraph Lookbook. Check out a preview below, and click here for the full feature.


In your opinion, what are the key components of a good photograph?

I like visually appealing photographs—I keep it simple.

Your latest project with HUF introduces images that incorporate movement. Is there a name for the process, and how did you go about creating the image?

This latest lookbook for HUF was an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while. The concept took time and planning. I suppose the proper term for the treatment is cinegraph. I’d seen other versions made out of short scenes from films, making an infinite loop. I’ve always loved them and hadn’t yet seen any other companies take the idea to their branding, so I decided to jump on the opportunity to do it with HUF. The process itself is actually somewhat easy; it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want your loop to be and taking care to only have that precise area move. I did the HUF lookbook with Photoshop, but there may be an easier way. I’ve heard about an iPhone app that makes GIFs automatically for you. I hope to see others make cinegraphs and incorporate them into their branding. It’s an awesome little bonus to what might already be great imagery.

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