Florida skate mag True Skateboard Magazine just released a new interview with HUF team rider ">Brad Cromer. Check it out below, or click here to visit True Skateboard Magazine's site for the full feature. Photos by Ely Phillips.


What’s new in your life, Brad? And what’s the weather like over on the east coast of Florida?

Well my sister just recently had a baby so I am now an uncle. That's new for me. And for the weather, its no good. It's been pouring just about everyday.

How does it feel to be a part of such a great company like HUF? How did you first get approached about being of the team?

I feel lucky to ride for such a great company. I previously rode for converse and just felt that nothing was really happening there for me. Keith mentioned to me that he was about to start making shoes and wanted to know what I thought about riding for the brand. He showed me the way everything was going to look and I was down. The shoes are rad and so is the team. Glad I made the switch.

We’re actually from near cities, you being from Jupiter and me from PSL, and probably have skated a lot of the same spots. What was it like growing up and skating in South Florida?

It's good. I've always liked skating in Florida. Yeah it can get very hot but then again the beach is never far. There's spots all over the place from here to Miami. I can't complain.

Speaking of South Florida, have you ever heard of or been to 561 Skateshop?

I have been there. Those guys are really cool. Anytime we head north we’ll try and stop by and say hi.

Have you given any thought to moving out of South Florida and perhaps heading out West?

I've definitely thought about it, but just don't really know if I could do it. I like going there for long periods of time but I don't know if I could really get a place out there. But yeah there's always a chance.

Are you still working over at the Shred Shed in Lake Worth? What’s that entire experience been like?

I don't work there anymore. I started going in and out of town too much to really be on the schedule there. It was cool though. I enjoyed working there.

How do you feel about being on Krooked and getting to skate with those legendary guys?

It's awesome. The team is so rad. Having everyone together for the 3D vid was such a great experience. Good times.

Did you guys ever finish the Lo-Fi video? I was looking for it, but I could never find more than a thirty-second clip of you. Was is it a conscious choice to shoot that with a VX over an HD-cam?

Not yet. A few of the guys having parts got hurt so it's gotten pushed back a bit. Should be out within the next few months. I really like the way VX looks and just dont want to switch over to HD just yet so I figured we’ll just do the whole thing VX before they become extinct.

Would you like to give special thanks to anyone?

Family, Friends, Pang, DLX, HUF, Superbrand, Shred Shed

– Gladden