Check out Oliver Barton's new Photographic Memory article on the Transworld site, featuring HUF team rider Brad Cromer. Be sure to check out a preview of Brad's recent Transworld Roll Call interview below, and click here to read the entire interview.


A few years back, you and some friends in a tour van were hit by a train, right?

I went on a cross-country trip with 10 of my friends from Florida to SF. I had to bounce once we got to Arizona for a Krooked 3D trip but met back up with them in San Francisco. They picked me up from the airport, and we were headed back to Double Rock where they were staying. It was nighttime and raining, and we were driving along while there was one of the SF trains kind of beside us, but it was more behind us. And the driver had the GPS on and it said to take a left and he does right in front of the train and it T-bones us. We slid forever and got stuck up on front of the train. It was wet out from the rain, otherwise we would have flipped for sure. We just slid with the train. It was crazy. Everyone got out okay. Some of the guys climbed out of broken windows and cut their hands. But the driver got the worse with a bunch of glass in his eyes and now he has glasses. He had to get surgery to get all the glass out. The local news came out and covered it, and me and Ishod [Wair] talked to them and ended up on the news. It was just really a shitty night.

Have you ever had a job?

The first job I had I worked at a movie theater for a few years. Then I worked at the skate shop I ride for, for about six or seven years. And in between that I worked with my friend on rebuilding boats. We would take boats out of the water and scrape off the barnacles, repaint it, fix everything up, and put them in the back. It’s funny because that was the funnest of any job I ever had.

Were you living off those jobs, or was it a combo of that and your sponsors?

I didn’t start getting paid until I got on HUF. I would get photo-incentive checks, but beyond that nothing, so I had to work those jobs up until then. That’s only been about three years now.

How many pairs of weed socks do you own being on HUF?

[Laughs] At some point, I probably had every colorway of those socks, but I give them away to all my friends. People love them, but I don’t really wear them. They did a good job with that.

What’s next for you? Just working on the TransWorld video?

That’s all in my brain right now. I’m putting everything I have towards that video part because that’s still almost a year away. I just want to have a part that I’m proud of and at the level that a TransWorld part should be. I’m not really trying to bullshit around.