Photographer Brian Kelley recently interviewed HUF Footwear team rider Brad Cromer, discussing Brad's newly released ">HUF Footwear introduction part, current projects he's involved in, and some upcoming plans for the future. Scroll down to read the interview below, and visit to check out more Brian Kelley photography and features.

I’ve known Brad for almost four years now. Around the end of each summer he usually comes through for for a couple months, and crashes on my floor. Over the years of this happening, we’ve been able to shoot a good amount of photos. Some stuff gets used, and some doesn’t. These are the leftovers. So enjoy the photos and interview featuring Brad Cromer.

So whats your age, and where you from?
I am 23 years of age, and I was born in Jupiter Florida.

Who are your sponsors at the moment?
HUF Footwear, Krooked Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, SUPERbrand Apparel, and Shred Shed Skateshop

You just recently dropped an introduction part to the HUF Footwear team. How long have you been part of that program, and how did you get involved with HUF?
Well I just recently got the official welcome to the company about a month ago. I’ve had bad luck the past few years with shoe companies and I’ve known Keith for a good few years. He knew my deal and shot the idea at me that he was planning to start a shoe company, and It just went from there. He takes great care of me and I’m more than happy to represent anything he’s behind.

Was the whole part filmed from your recent trip to LA? How long were you out there for?
Yes. Keith wanted me to come out and meet everyone at the warehouse and skate around so he got me a one way ticket out and I ended up staying out there for just about 2 months. Started filming with the HUF filmer Marty with the idea of filming a little commercial and after a few weeks we just figured I might as well film a full introduction part.

Anything from the part that took you more than one trip to the spot?
Not that I can remember. Everything was more spontaneous. Like “oh wheres that one thing at?, lets check it out” kinda thing. 

You’ve traveled throughout the country a lot. What’s your favorite city to skate and why?
NYC is my favorite city to skate. I just like the vibe there. Theres just so much to do. There’s also every kind of spot you want to skate. It never gets boring.

You’re currently living in Jupiter, FL. Any plans to move anywhere else anytime soon, or you think you’ll stay in FL for life?
I’ve have been thinking about moving lately but I don’t want to get a place anywhere but here. I just feel like where I live is a great place to base myself out of. All my friends live here and I live five minutes from the beach. Miami’s less than an hour away. It’s basically a paradise. I don’t want to do that whole “move to California to make it in skating” thing. So my answer is yes I do think I will live here my whole life. Maybe not exactly Jupiter but definitely Florida.

What are you up to this summer?
East coast HUF trip, Dino Jr., and court in NY, Joeys lake house in Georgia, sister’s having a baby mid May. Uncle Brad. haha. I try not to make plans to tell you the truth. Because if you try to make plans and they don’t happen you get bummed. So I just kinda do things as they come.

Favorite meal that you could eat all day everyday?
hmmm……. I’m going to have to say tacos.

Working on any other projects at the moment?
Yup. I’m making a video called Lo-Fi. The video will have full parts from me, Joey Ragali, Brendan Carroll, Eric Hawrylciw, Pang, and the best friends section you’ll ever see. All vx. Fuck that high def shit. It’s ruining skateboarding. Looks like shit. Just because Ty did it doesn’t mean we have to forget about the vx. I just feel that high def cams are not meant to film skateboarders. They are meant to film soap operas and planet earth. I am going to be editing the video with a little help from my friend David Hamzik. We’re aiming for it to come out late summer ’11. Should be a fun six months.

Favorite spot to skate in NYC?
That super smooth street that dollar pizza’s on. I think its 8th?

I know your always drawing. You working on anything right now?
No. I actually barely draw anymore. I usually just get really aggravated and freak out half way through.

Craziest story from you road trip from FL to CA?
That would be when we got t-boned by a train. Period.

Favorite memory from filming for Skate FL “Greetings”?
The whole process was a good memory from start to finish. It was a really good time in my life. Not too many people from that video even skate anymore, so just the fact that we were all out there filming and being productive is my favorite memory.


Favorite flat ground tricks
1 switch flip
2 nollie full cab
3 nollie front heel
4 switch front shuv
5 back 3′s

Favorite Video Parts
1 Photosynthesis
2 is
3 all
4 that
5 matters

Music you’ve been hyped on lately?
1 you’ll
2 see
3 when
4 the vid
5 drops

Daily Phone Calls?
1 Pang
2 a hot chick
3 thats
4 about
5 it

Travel Destinations?
1 NY
2 Boston
3 Miami
4 SF
5 LA

See you this summer.