HUF team rider Brad Cromer shares his thoughts on contests, Gonz turning him pro, future projects and more in this Exclusive Interview from CCS. Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here for Brad's full interview on the CCS site.

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Where are you at right now?

I’m in Florida?

So you grew up in Florida?

Yep my whole life I was born and raised here and living here ever since. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot though. I’m not here too often these days.

So how long have you been at this? Seems like you’ve been a sponsored AM for a long time before you finally broke though to the pro ranks.

I’ve been AM since right around when Rasa Libre went out of business so right around 7 years.

Did you think you were ever going to have to find another career or anything or were you like, “I’m going to keep this up until I turn pro”?

Of course this is what I wanted for my whole life. I’ve worked jobs here and there. I worked at a skate shop for like 6 years. Then I started traveling and I couldn’t really work a steady job. At that point it seemed like something that might actually happen and I might be able to make a living off skating, so I put all my effort into it.

What was the moment like when you found out Krooked was turning you pro? That must have been overwhelming right?

It was beyond overwhelming! It didn’t even set into my head for a few days. Right when it happened, I was basically speechless and it was something I totally wasn’t expecting.

Did you cry?

I didn’t cry but it was a bunch of feelings all at once, like relief and happiness. It was a good day.

I think I’d cry if Gonzo gave me a board with my name on it. So how long have you actually been on Krooked?

Pretty much since I’ve been AM. I rode for Rasa Libre when they were through Deluxe Distribution. I was getting boards for a little bit and I had a flow part in the video, then they went out of business, I was asked by Deluxe what I wanted to do. So I was thinking they wanted to keep me with their squad. I figured Krooked would make the most sense.

The fact that they kept you on and found you a place on Krooked goes to show you that the cream always rises to the top.

Krooked has been a great home for me and I’ve always loved everyone there and everything that they do. It’s a good fit. The most fun trips that I’ve been on have been Krooked trips. Everyone just clicks.