Check out HUF flow team rider Billy Mcfeely in the new Roll Call edit by Transworld Skateboarding, as well as the interview that follows in which he discusses the current state of the NYC skate scene, hobbies outside of skateboarding, and future projects. Full feature on the Transworld site here.

What’s the skate scene like in NYC right now?
It’s cool. I’ve always liked the skate scene here. It’s always changing a lot, there’re always a lot of new people coming and going. There’re a lot of independent videos coming out. I’m backing it.

What are the new videos we should check out?
Beef Patty by Johnny Wilson. Not to promote a video that I’m in but the Bronze video. This kid Cooper Winterson has a video, I don’t even know how to say the title, it’s supposed to be the horns [Ed note: \m/]. That video is sick.

Who’s your crew out in NY?
The Bronze dudes are the main dudes I skate with.

Who are you getting hooked up from?
I’ve been getting shoes from HUF for a few years now. They really hook it up. I skate for KCDC skateshop, Bronze hardware. Just recently I started skating for Passport Skateboards out of Australia. They just started distributing in the U.S. and we’re gonna have a clip out by November. I’m super psyched, all the dudes on Passport rip and the art direction is really cool. Josh Pall, Callum Paul, no relation [laughs]. I got hooked up with that through Kelly Williams who’s doing Permanent Supply, the distribution for Passport and a bunch of other brands.

Do you think it’s still harder to get sponsored living in New York versus Cali?
Relatively speaking I haven’t really been around that long. I’ve never even been to California, and I don’t know shit about it to be honest [laughs]. It’s easier now than it was because it’s easier for people to see a video. Back in the day, there would be some sick video, but only a select few people would see the DVD or VHS. Now, every video could just go international in a few clicks.

Best things to do in NY when you’re not skating?
I go to school and work and other than that, I play keyboard a lot. I just started trying to make music. A lot of people go to bars. I’ll go sometimes, but not so much. You can really do anything here.

Do you have a full-length part in the works?
The Passport thing is what I’m working on for now. I’m also filming with Nick vonWerssowetz, he makes some sick videos. I don’t think I’m gonna have a full part in his next video, but I’m gonna film as much as I can. It’s gonna come out at the end of this year.

Video by Richard Quintero, interview by Blair Alley