HUF team rider Dylan Rieder recently interviewed teammate Austyn Gillette for Thrasher Magazine, where Gillette talked about recently spending his birthday alone in Iceland, his current music projects, as well as the concept and design behind his newly released, first pro model shoe for HUF, the Gillette.

Check out a preview of the interview below, and click here to read the entire version.


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You put out two video parts in 2012 (Cosmic Vomit 2 and Austyn Unlimited). What have you been up to since then?
I’ve been working on this HUF shoe video part that just came out. That’s been a priority for me. Its hard to sum up a year or so as to what I’ve been doing with my life, but I’ll say it’s went by fast.

You have a new pro model shoe with HUF. Where did you get the inspiration for the design?
Yeah. I’ve been wearing the shoe constantly. This time I didn’t have to force myself to wear a shoe that I don’t want to wear. It’s a shoe that I like wearing. I’m wearing it right now. When do you see me wear skate shoes that are comfortable in any situation? That’s what this shoe is. There’s not too much; it’s pretty simple. There’s three seams. The inspiration was to not over do it. I guess because it has a heel, that leans more towards a dressy style of shoe. But besides that, to me, its a pretty non-offensive shoe that anybody could wear, from any age kind of. The demographics, I love that word, the demographic is very vast.

Great for the Holidays.
Great for the Kiddies!

You been playing any music?
Oh yeah, I was recording before I left.

What were you recording? You working on an album?
I’ve been recording a few songs that I’ve written over the past six months. It’s moving slowly but it’s nothing I like to rush. It’s just a hobby for me and nothing to be taken serious. If it comes out, I’ll keep you informed on where to find it.