Check out HUF team rider Austyn Gillette's Last Words in the November Issue of Transworld Skateboarding.


Last pair of HUFs you laced up: The Sutter.

Last pair of non-skate shoes you laced up: Clarks.

Last home improvement: New kitchen.

Last headwear purchase: Wig.

Last foreign phrase you spoke: Something in Finnish.

Last male singer/songwriter listened to: Thom Yorke.

Last female singer/songwriter listened to: Mazzy Star.

Last words of advice from Dylan Rieder: Get a drink.

Last time you read the message boards: Never.

Last Brian Anderson gift: Tom Ford sunglasses.

Last Brad Staba quote: “I’m at the bar getting
a drink to work up the courage to go finger my chick.”

Last Gillette razor joke: No clue.

Last addition to Team Handsome: Walter my dog.

Last art purchased: Raymond Molinar print, still need to pay him.

Last retail store visited: Restoration Hardware.

Last frightening car ride: Any girl driving a car.

Last language barrier: Canada.

Last am you were psyched on: Blake Carpenter.

Last Marius Syvanen sighting: My house a few months ago.

Last video part you watched: Ray Barbee in Ban This.

Last trend in skating you’re sick of: Most of it.

Last great meal: MIA Sushi in Eagle Rock.

Last mischief with Walter: Every day is mischief with him.

Last regret: None at the moment.

Last song recorded: Going to do that today actually. Last song was called “From The Start.”

Last good street spot: Home Depot red curbs.

Last ballcuzzi: Four years ago.

Last non-skate website visited:

Last thing you’d do if the world was ending tomorrow: Probably nothing different.