Ari Marcopoulos: Within Arm's Reach

Ari Marcopoulos had a private viewing of his "Within Arm's Reach" show at the UC Berkeley Art Museum last night. The show opens today and will be running all the way until February 7th 2010. There is more info about Ari and the show on the BAM/PFA website.

They didn't allow photography inside, but we managed to sneak a few photos last night.

DBC on their best behavior

Ari & Keith

All of Ari's work is amazing as expected, so be sure to not sleep and go see the show for yourself. The trip to the museum is worth it just to check out the architecture both in and outside, and then having two giant rooms with 150+ photos by Ari should make it a no brainer.

There is also a new book that released to go along with the show which you can pick up at the BAM/PFA store.